LightStyle will only associate itself with manufactures that represent an unwavering commitment to quality; it is for this reason that we have forged a long-standing relationship with Lutron, the leading manufacturer in lighting control solutions. Due to this unwavering partnership, LightStyle is one of Southern California’s top providers; proudly serving in the capacity of “Diamond Dealer”.

Easy-to-install, retrofit lighting control solutions such as dimmers, timers, occupancy / vacancy sensors, astronomical time clocks, window treatments or whole-home lighting control systems result in a wealth of betterment for our clients.

We have listed some of the many benefits attainable through a lighting control system but if you would like to find out more about how we may enhance your daily interactions with your home or commercial space, we would love to hear from you.

Energy Savings
Approximately 20% of residential and 40% of commercial electricity bills are attributed to lighting. The homeowner or facilities manager may reduce energy consumption through a combination of daylight harvesting, personal control, plug-load control etc. while minimizing heating and cooling costs as a consequence. Guaranteed and automatic energy savings are realized through the installation of any one or multiple devices, thus return on investment is actualized immediately. As a consequence of these energy efficiency efforts, energy codes will be met or exceeded including ASHRAE standards. Qualifying for federal or state stimulus funds, tax incentives or other financial aid programs can be achieved simultaneously.
Comfort & Convenience
We at LightStyle know the enhanced comfort and convenience attainable through deployment of the correct lighting controls in accordance with your ever-changing daily lifestyle needs. Personalize your home to support your daily activities such as the amply lit work environment; dimming while engaged in computer-based work or increasing while engaged in reading a book. Our certified in-house installers are the acknowledged market leaders in providing the power to capture and modify natural and electronic light at the touch of a button to create intuitive and visually elegant environments.
Achieve greater workplace productivity and automatically reduce overhead costs within a commercial environment by controlling the ample amount of light needed for the varying business functions conducted throughout the working day. Employing proprietary software programs such as Grafik Eye® QS allows personal control and pre defined one-touch settings. Expand upon these capabilities through Grafik 7000™ or Quantum® which will centrally control and monitor the lighting and shades of an entire floor or building either from inside or from a remote location.
Safety & Security
LightStyle enhances security and privacy within commercial and residential environments so that our clients may feel just as at ease when away from their homes or businesses as they do within. By employing proprietary Lutron programs such as RadioRA2® and HomeWorks®QS, enhanced security is realized including timeclocks and remote monitoring capabilities. Effortlessly enable the appearance of occupation while absent, connect temperature, shading and lighting controls with alarm, sprinkler and security systems, light-up pathways to navigate through your home or commercial space during darkness etc.